Keep Your Mine Connected

Dependable Connectivity Wherever You Dig

In the hunt for profitable deposits, mining explorations are moving into more remote locations. Dependable connectivity is a must –  to keep crews safe & morale up, manage multiple assets, reduce equipment downtime & make production deadlines. Network Innovations supplies global connectivity solutions to keep your teams connected, wherever they are in the world. We scope your requirements to deliver connectivity links, bandwidth, coverage, terminals, service, management tools, installation & ongoing support.

Flexible Solutions for Every Mining Phase

Prospecting & Exploration

Quick to deploy, ruggedized and easily transportable remote location data connectivity and communication solutions. Turnkey technologies for reliable internet,  voice and video conferencing, and data transfers between your front office and prospecting teams.

Construction & Production

Scalable, secure communication & connectivity options that grow as your site does. Dynamic, flexible solutions include VSAT integration with LTE, fiber, Wi-Fi & IoT enabled assets to enhance safety, achieve real-time automation relay critical & day-to-day communications.

Distribution & Reclamation

Always-available connectivity for SCADA IoT devices for remote monitoring & control of heavy equipment & tailings dam pumps. Access real-time telemetry readings to track fixed & on-the-move assets to enhance security, ensure compliance, & optimize operations.

Camp & Crew Connectivity

Wherever your exploration or production teams venture, Network Innovations supplies reliable, secure connectivity solutions to help you optimize your camps operations. Mitigate risks, respond quickly to emergencies, & expedite decision-making with always available day-to-day connectivity regardless of how remote or isolated your site. Integrating satellite, radio, cellular & hybrid systems, we help your camp & crew stay connected.

  • Quick to deploy VSAT systems, portable BGAN terminals & satellite phones connect remote workers & camps to internet & voice communications where terrestrial networks are non-existent
  • Expedite data transfers from exploration sites like core samples & mineral results back to base for quick analysis & minimize unnecessary deployment of resources
  • Temporary & fully scalable communications for exploration camps or early stages of site construction through to full production & decommissioning of site
  • Link remote operations to the cloud and front offices through customized hybrid (satellite, fibre, microwave, LTE) network solutions

Workforce Safety & Welfare

Keeping your workers safe underground, in vehicles on-the-move, or spread across vast distances, is always the top priority. To do so, reliable communications & connectivity are a must, especially where terrestrial networks are unavailable. Network Innovations designs, delivers & deploys, devices, systems, applications, accessories & services that work together to unify your teams’ communications.

  • Improve safety & emergency response with tracking devices for lone workers, mobile teams, & truck drivers on the move
  • Communicate one-to-one or one-to-many in noisy environments with ruggedized PTT solutions
  • In the event of an emergency, critical voice & data communications can be prioritized over routine conversations
  • Provide communications & recreational services to workforce to attract & retain quality personnel
  • Rapidly respond to situations with location-based services, safety alerts, man down systems & low latency two-way communications

Business Continuity & Emergency Preparedness

Under the pressure of rising operating costs, increased regulations & environmental concerns, the mining industry must optimize operations to stay profitable & compliant. Network Innovations satellite connectivity solutions provide backup communications & integrate with SCADA applications, IoT  and M2M devices. Manage & monitor distributed assets, mitigate risk & maximize productivity with flexible solutions accessible wherever you & your remote operations are.

  • Bandwidth on demand services for work overload, emergency or periodic data-intensive applications
  • Monitor vehicles & equipment assets in real-time to enhance security using customized trigger states & automatic alerts
  • Remotely monitor and measure tailing dam levels to ensure safety & regulatory compliance during mine reclamation
  • Extend equipment lifecycle with predictive analytics & real time monitoring to track hours of operation
  • Transform asset telemetry data into actionable insights to aid planning, decision making & execution

SCADA & IoT for Mining

Optimize operations, ensure the safety of people and equipment, and expedite decision making at your remote site. IoT enabled devices allow operators to monitor machinery and vehicles in real-time to mitigate risks & reduce unnecessary deployment costs. Engineered to withstand harsh conditions, these ruggedized IoT devices relay critical telemetry data from your remote site to wherever you need.

  • Leverage fleet metrics to track asset travel & optimize routes for efficiency
  • Monitor & measure tailing dam levels & remotely stop, start or adjust pump RPMs
  • Set alarms when assets or equipment breach allowable parameters
  • Assess & allocate assets to maximize production uptime with predictive maintenance alerts



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